14 May -12 Jun: FREE colouring the big Pulau Ubin Fun Map at Uncle Lim's shop

Limited copies of the 15-year-old Pulau Ubin Fun Map are available at Uncle Lim's shop anytime during Pesta Ubin.

Pulau Ubin Fun Map
Come colour this rare map for free during Pesta Ubin!

The intricate map is full of details of Ubin kampungs, places, people. Some of which are already lost. Also, the amazing mangroves, forests and wildlife that abound on the island and in the waters around it.

It takes hours to colour the map! Come to Uncle Lim's shop to colour a shared copy of the map with everyone. This colouring activity is free. If you want a map of your own, limited copies are for sale (see below.)

Dates: 14 May to 12 Jun -- every day of Pesta Ubin!
Time: 10am - 4pm
Venue: Uncle Lim's shop, No. 42 Pulau Ubin, opposite the Wayang Stage, 3 min walk from Ubin Jetty (map).

No charge, the colouring activity is free!
No registration required. Just drop by Uncle Lim's shop while you are at Pulau Ubin.

The other side of the map has lovely drawings of some fascinating animals found on Pulau Ubin. The map is a real treasure!

Pulau Ubin Fun Map
Beautiful drawings of our favourite Ubin wildlife!

The Pulau Ubin Fun Map is the brainchild of and was produced by Grant Pereira and illustrated by artist Yong Ding Li. This was more than 15 years ago! We are deeply grateful to Grant Pereira for donating the last copies of this limited-edition 'antique' map to Pesta Ubin 2016.

Pulau Ubin Fun Map with Grant Pereira
Grant Pereira colouring the Map during Ubin Open House in 2014.
Limited copies of this precious 'antique' map are available for sale at $10 each at Uncle Lim's shop. Proceeds from the sale will be donated towards supporting Pesta Ubin, which is funded by volunteers.
Pulau Ubin Fun Map with Uncle Lim
Ms Lisa is the first to buy this limited edition map from Uncle Lim.
Get your copy before they are sold out!
Colouring the Pulau Ubin Fun Map at Uncle Lim's shop
The first child to colour the Map!

Fun at Uncle Lim's shop Pulau Ubin for Pesta Ubin
Together, we can colour the Map beautifully!

Pulau Ubin Fun Map at Uncle Lim's shop at Pesta Ubin 2016
Every mark counts!

Uncle Lim's shop has colourful umbrellas and is opposite the Wayang Stage, next to the little red temple in the centre of Ubin Town, about a 3-minute walk from Ubin Jetty.
Uncle Lim's shop, no. 42 Ubin Town
Have a cool drink or a snack while you're at Uncle Lim's shop!
Thank you to Uncle Lim for hosting this Pesta Ubin activity.

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