Volunteer for Pesta Ubin!

Want to help out at Pesta Ubin?

It's easy to help!
Step 1:  Like us on facebook. Tell everyone about Pesta Ubin!
Step 2: Come for Pesta Ubin activities
Step 3: Share on social media about your Ubin experience #PestaUbin

There are more than 50 Pesta Ubin happenings!
Find a Pesta Ubin happening that suits your schedule and interest

Be a FUN Ambassador at Uncle Lim's Shop! 

Love people and getting them to have fun? We need your help to get visitors into the Kampung Spirit with these FREE and fun activities at Uncle Lim's shop in Ubin Town (map). Sign up here.

Uncle Lim's shop at Ubin Town
Uncle Lim's shop is Pesta Ubin Central!

Kampung photobooth: Help people have fun with kampung props and costumes. Help them take photos to immediately share on social media #PestaUbin. Sign up here.

Fun at the Kampung Photo Booth
The Kampung Photo Booth is lots of fun for the whole family.

Colouring the Pulau Ubin Fun Map: Get people started on colouring this intricate map together. Discover places and features as we colour. Sign up here.

Big people can also colour the Pulau Ubin Fun Map
Big people can colour the map too!

Help direct visitors to these other activities at Uncle Lim's shop. Sign up here.

Taking Kampung Photos with the Islands of Memories exhibition!
At the Exhibition AND Kampung Photo Booth.

The Vertebrates of Ubin posters with colouring stations
Checking out the posters of Vertebrates of Ubin.

To help out with these activities or offer any other help, please sign up here. Thank you!

Other volunteer opportunities 

Hazel Huang needs volunteers to help at her Paint-a-Husk activity. Great for those who love kids, art and Ubin!

Or join these Pesta Ubin activities which involve volunteers such as cleanups!

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