A look back at Pesta Ubin 2016

Here's a brief look back. We had a great time!

Thanks to all who volunteered and participated. Looking forward to next year's Ubin Open House!

The volunteers were also treated to a wonderful Thank You reception organised by NParks and hosted by Senior Minister of State Desmond Lee on 22 Aug!

Minister Desmond Lee shared these photos of the dinner.

Mohammad Juhari captured the great time we had.

Lisa Lim shared more awesome photos with the volunteers

NParks prepared thoughtful gifts of a tiny lovely piece of Ubin. Ivan Kwan shared more about it.

Johnson Ong and team brought joy and a taste of Kampung Games back for the evening. As well as lots of great photos.

And MORE photos from the CT Runners whose awesome volunteers held the inaugural Pesta Ubin Run 2016.

Nature Society (Singapore) also featured Pesta Ubin in their newsletter. Thank you!

An After Action Report on Pesta Ubin 2016 was also submitted to Minister Desmond on 17 Jun 2016. The full report with Appendices is available on google docshttp://tinyurl.com/PestaUbin2016report

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