Pesta Ubin in the news!

Thanks to the support of many kind people, news about Pesta Ubin is reaching more people!
Lea Wee of the Straits Times did a fabulous feature.
Thanks to Lea Wee, the Straits Times featured Pesta Ubin and highlighted 10 of the more than 50 activities.

SG Now, once again, featured some highlights of Pesta Ubin. Thank you!

Earlier, SG Now listed Pesta Ubin as one of the top unmissable things to do in Singapore this May. Thank you!

Daddy Andy shared on his wildly popular Sengkangbabies! Thank you!

TimeOut Singapore not only featured Pesta Ubin but also did a Guide to Pulau Ubin with highlights for the nature lover, the adventurous explorer, the thrill seeker, People of Pulau Ubin, Instagram-worthy spots in Pulau Ubin. And essential things to note: how to get there, withdraw cash beforehand, and staying overnight. Thank you Sofiana Ramli!
From the Time Out Singapore facebook page.

Going Places Singapore published by the URA also featured Pesta Ubin. Thank you Ruthe Kee!
From the Going Places Singapore facebook page.

Thanks to Serene Lim of TODAY for featuring Pesta Ubin and highlighting some activities.

Thanks to Tracy Tristram of HoneyKids for featuring Pesta Ubin and highlighting 5 special activities for kids!
From HoneyKids Asia facebook page.

Thanks to Anuja Byotra for an awesome write up on SecondsGuru about Pesta Ubin and highlighting 5 top activities.
SecondsGuru also on facebook.

Thanks to J.D. Wen for highlighting 10 Pesta Ubin activities in Weekend Notes!

Thanks to Michelle Mondonedo of Yelp Singapore for a Pesta Ubin feature in the Weekly Yelp! AND also organising a Makan with Yelp SG in Pulau Ubin activity for Pesta Ubin!

Thanks to the good folks behind #LepakInSG: Gracie Low, Ho Xiang Tian, Nor Lastrina Hamid for listing every single Pesta Ubin activity on their awesome calendar at Lepak in SG.

Thanks to DinoMama for not only coming to Pesta Ubin but also blogging about the family's day at Pulau Ubin!

Kampung Games and Pesta Ubin also featured in 9.58FM

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