What's happening at Pesta Ubin?

Here's quick highlights of happenings at Pesta Ubin!

Pesta Ubin is Ubin Open House!
From the 14 May to 12 June 2016.
more about what the word 'Pesta' means.

What's special about Pesta Ubin?

Once a year, people who love Ubin step up to share with the public their special slice of Pulau Ubin. Led by the community, Pesta Ubin activities are organic, heartfelt. Passionately highlighting Ubin's unique charms. Get a taste of the kinder, gentler way of life on Ubin during Pesta Ubin. More about Pesta Ubin.

Kampung Photo Booth for Ubin Open House, 2015
People passionate about Ubin joyously offer Pesta Ubin activities.

What's happening at Pesta Ubin?
Many Pesta Ubin activities are free of charge. Some do NOT require registration. Simply come to Pulau Ubin and join the fun! Find a Pesta Ubin activity that suits your schedule and interest! Don't say Bo Jio!

Every day got something on! Join the Treasure Ubin treasure hunt (with prizes!). Visit an Ubin fish farm for their Open House. At Uncle Lim's shop at Ubin Town, have fun at the FREE Kampung Photo Booth, FREE colouring the big Pulau Ubin Fun Map.Then get nostalgic at the 'Islands of Memories -- Pulau Ubin' exhibition

The prettiest farm at Pulau Ubin is among
those hosting the special fish farm 'Open House'.

Makan! Psst -- Durian season may start during Pesta Ubin! Join a special Makan tour to try sedap home-style cooking with Ubin-grown veges and Ubin-caught seafood. Or just lepak, lim kopi and watch the kampung go by at Ubin Town. MORE about Makan at Ubin

Durians and other local fruits on sale at Pulau Ubin
Ubin's organic durians are THE best in Singapore!

Ubin Family Fun!
Pesta Ubin is fun for the whole family. Join a treasure hunt (every day, with prizes!), re-live Kampung Games and specially for kids: walks, night walks, nature camp, art workshops.

Happy Dugong Ambassadors at Chek Jawa
Balik Chek Jawa - Free, no registration required, all are welcome!

Life on Ubin
Pulau Ubin is Singapore's last kampung (village). Enjoy Kampung Life in the slow lane. Learn more about Ubin's heritage through guided walks, cycles and Kampung Games. There is a huge kampung on the waters off Pulau Ubin! Find out more at the 'Open House' at Pulau Ubin fish farms, available every day of Pesta Ubin. A special part of the island are the Ubin Kampung Dogs!

Kampong from the lily pond at Pulau Ubin
The tranquil Sensory Trail ponds.

Colourful Traditions
Join celebrations of Tua Pek Kong's birthday! Ubin bursts with six days and six nights of festivities. Ubin Jetty is decked out in flags and lanterns, the ancient Wayang Stage comes alive with traditional opera in glittering costumes. Also check out the many activities that celebrate Ubin's heritage.

Wayang at Pulau Ubin
The Ubin Wayang Stage comes alive during Tua Pek Kong's birthday.

For Nature Lovers!
From forests to seashores, mangroves to wild gardens. Join walks at Chek Jawa and around Ubin, boat tours of Ubin's secret mangroves, special walks by leading nature guides, go birdwatching with experts, or go nature camping with the whole family. Learn more about Ubin's wildlife through playful booths.

Visitors encounter Wild boar (Sus scrofa) at Chek Jawa
If we remain calm, we can enjoy a closer look at the wildlife!

Wonderful Wanderings
A leisurely stroll is a great way to savour the sights and sounds of Ubin! Join guided walks with experienced enthusiasts who will reveal secret corners of Pulau Ubin. Or check out the downloadable DIY walking trail of Pulau Ubin (pdf).

Taking a walk at Pulau Ubin
Unwind with a refreshing stroll at Pulau Ubin. 

Ubin on Wheels
Rent a bicycle or bring your own. Guided cycling tours allow you to wander further, discovering more of Ubin’s nature and heritage.

Cycling on Pulau Ubin
With bicycles in all configurations for rent,
everyone can enjoy a day biking at Pulau Ubin.

Adrenaline Junkies!
Join the Pesta Ubin Run to get active while exploring Ubin. Learn from experts at a special mountain biking clinic. Go on a Round Ketam Kayaking Expedition!

Pesta Ubin Run
Join the inaugural Pesta Ubin Run!

Splashing Good Time!
Have fun in the waters of Pulau Ubin. Lots of kayaking: from a gentle kayaking tour up quiet mangrove creeks, or night kayaking, to a rare opportunity to kayak in an Ubin quarry! Or learn about more about environmentally-friendly fishing.

Kayaking at Jelutong mangroves
A magical mangrove tour by kayak.

Join the Dark Side
Discover Ubin after twilight through night activities: walks, night kayaking, cycling. Ubin's dark skies are perfect for stargazing. Join Ubin Kampung Night Adventure for all of the above plus kampung BBQ and games. More about Ubin camping.

Sunset at Pulau Ubin
After sundown, Ubin's mysteries come to life!

Music and Movies!
Part of the Singapore HeritageFest 2016, which is a standalone annual Singapore-wide festival in its 13th year, enjoy an evening of music and movies at the Wayang Stage! We are thrilled that among them will be Inch Chua, who first performed for Pulau Ubin Open House in 2014!

Performance at the Wayang Stage, Pulau Ubin
Inch Chua performing at Pulau Ubin Open House 2014.

Inspired by Ubin
Artists and photography enthusiasts, find your muse at Ubin! Join arts activities for kids, go for a nature sketching walk, learn at the night macro photography workshop, be inspired by the 'Islands of Memories -- Pulau Ubin' exhibition.

Artist on Pulau Ubin
Unleash the creative spirit in you!

Green Energy at Ubin
Pulau Ubin is a test-bed for cutting edge green energy. Find out more about how Ubin Town (and Ubin Day activities) are powered by green energy.

Volunteer for Ubin
During Pesta Ubin, help out in the several efforts to clean up the shores and the forests of Pulau Ubin. Volunteers are also needed to run some Pesta Ubin activities. More ways to volunteer for Pulau Ubin throughout the year.

Together we can keep Ubin beautiful!

Specially for Pesta Ubin, there will also be talks by people passionate about Ubin. Come learn and find out how you too can be a part of their efforts for Pulau Ubin.

Find a Pesta Ubin activity that suits your schedule and interest!

'Like' the Pesta Ubin facebook page to get the latest updates! Such as alerts when registrations are opened.

Here'smore about what to see and do on Pulau Ubin

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